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We Are Professional

Bamboo farming, Fruit and Tree Seedlings

We do provide versatile and high value income generating tree and fruit seedlings that match both local and foreign market demand.

Commercialized bamboo farming and related agroforestry services

We assist entrepreneurs, business men and investors in establishment of commercial bamboo plantations. read more.

Soil analysis and agronomic support

We narrow down the risks by sampling and analysing the soil using modern soil scanners before you embark on farming investment.

Agribusiness events training

We advise clients on matters related to agroforestry services as well as training and equipping the community with the relevant skills on making outstanding furniture, briquettes and utensils from bamboo.

Projects Management & Landscaping

We establish and manage projects on behalf of clients. They range from; Bamboo farms/plantations, woodlots, forests and landscapes conservation projects.We use the high value ornamental tree species to beautify and improve the value of homesteads, parks, landscapes, highways and greenspaces. We create visual impression to your homesteads, greenspaces and parks

Establishment of modern kitchen gardens

We give a suitable mix of Modern, High-Tech kitchen gardens and suitable homestead trees to offer serenity and soothing environment in homesteads. The components absorb mass volumes of harmful atmospheric gases thus cleansing the air.

Our Partners

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