Bamboo farming

We assist farmers, agribusiness investors, private companies, non-governmental organizations, parastatals and private and public institutions in establishment of commercial bamboo farms, plantations and woodlots.

Sale of high-value tree and fruit tree seedlings

We do provide high-value income generating tree and fruit tree seedlings that match both local and foreign market demand. The certified fruit seedlings are tolerant to pests and diseases and high yielding. The tree seedlings on the other hand are versatile and relevant in environmental conservation of homesteads, roads, real estates, estate farms and eco-tourism-based sectors.

Soil analysis and agronomic support

We narrow down the farming risks by sampling and analyzing soils using modern soil scanners before the clients embark on agribusiness investments. Our Agronomists guide and do provide free of charge professional agronomic support right from farm planning up to the market stage.

Agroforestry Projects management and environmental conservation

We plan, implement and manage projects that range from bamboo, high-value tree and fruit trees for conservation purposes. This includes; Establishment of bamboo farms, woodlots, forests, conservation of erodible landscapes, riparian areas, green spaces, roads, highways and high-value fruit tree orchards.

Agribusiness events training and consultancy

We host annual agribusiness events relevant for imparting farming knowledge and skills to farmers across the country. It as well focuses on bamboo and fruits value-addition investments among other profitable and sustainable agribusiness opportunities.

Our Skills

Bamboo farming, Fruit and Tree Seedlings

100% 100% Complete

Soil analysis and agronomic support

90% 90% Complete

Projects management and Landscaping

80% 80% Complete

Agribusiness events training

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Land Reclamation & Environmental Conservation

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Why Choose Us

Our mission Enhancing sustainable nursery management, growing and harvesting of sustainable commercial forests and tree products, reclamation of unproductive lands and enhancing outstanding aesthetic nature of our greenspaces, parks, institutions, streets and homesteads.
Our vision To become the foremost company in development and restoration of Agroforestry sector in Africa.
Our Goals

1. Enhance understanding of the role of bamboo and tree seedlings in sound and more productive land, farm management and environmental conservation based on appropriate varieties fit for specific agro-ecological zones.

2. Spurring economic activities for creation of job opportunities to the groups of youth, women and people with disabilities through setting up of bamboo value-addition manufacturing plant.

3. Enhance sustainable bamboo nursery management, growing and harvesting of sustainable commercial forests, Plantations and woodlots.

4. Enhance access to high-value and quality seedlings that fit both local and export markets.

5. Enhance access to certified seedlings and expanded market opportunities for small holder bamboo and fruit tree products.

6. Enhancing sustainable wood harvest through establishment of belts in large scale horticultural farms, real estate firms and both private and public institutions.

7. Enhancing sustainable cities through incorporation of bamboo among other high-value trees in beatification and conservation of green spaces, hotels, lounges, Parks, streets, roads, riparian areas, botanical gardens and homesteads.

8. To greatly improve the capacity for effective development and education in agroforestry by a wide range of individuals and institutions in Kenya.

  • 1. Exemplary customer care service.
  • 2. Provision of relevant services and products.
  • 3. Commitment to staff development.
  • 4. Accountability and Transparency.
  • Agreal Africa, Greening Africa.
  • Honesty, Integrity and Teamwork
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